Hey there!

I'm Lauren, and I’m an oil and watercolor painter from Louisville, KY with a love for anything floral. Most days you can find me at home in my studio with a paintbrush in hand, and some music blaring in the background.

Some of the things I am most passionate about in life are my relationships with God and people, art, flowers and mountains, traveling and going on adventures, and exercising! When I’m not busy working on paintings, you can catch me reading a good book, going on a run, being outside, or just connecting with people!

My passion for art began in middle school with my amazing art teacher, Tamra Cusick. I continued to pursue art through high school and college, graduating from Wheaton College in 2016 with a major in Studio Art. I believe that the Lord created me to create as I am constantly drawn to His beauty in the world around me.

My Art 

Do you ever look at the mountains and have your breath taken away at their enormity in relation to your smallness? Or look at the way the sun glimmers across the water at just the right time in the day, making it sparkle? Or how about looking at the colors and delicacies woven into each petal of a flower? Do you look up and enjoy the billions of stars in the sky, or hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves and feel a sense of stillness and joy?

There are moments in life that make your heart stand still for just a second. You feel awe and wonder and delight. These are the moments that inspire me to paint. I love serving the world by creating beautiful things for people. To me, the act of creating is life-giving and hopeful—it is partnering with the Creator in letting the world know of His glory and beauty. It is living in the process of making fully, slowly, and carefully, quietly observing the colors and details so that others may delight in them the way that I do. I hope that others get a sense of that joy and hopefulness when a painting of mine fills a space in their homes.

Want to take a tour of my studio? Click here.

Photography provided by Blaine Scinta