Commission Process

Interested in having a custom piece commissioned?  Whether it's a painting of a friend or family member, your beloved pet, a landscape, a memory, a wedding bouquet, or even a car, I would be happy to create something special for you. If you're interested in a home portrait, please see the drop down menu in my shop section and you can order one there.

Oil paintings will be painted on canvas, and watercolor paintings will be painted on 140lb hot press watercolor paper. Prices will vary based on media, size, time, and complexity. 

To begin the process, start by filling out the form below to give me a better idea of what you're looking for! The timeframe for when the piece will be finished will vary based on my commission openings. I require a 50% deposit at the beginning of each piece and will send an invoice via email. Once I am finished with the piece, I will send a photo for your approval. Once approved, the last 50% of the payment will be due. 

**Shipping prices will be included in the final deposit**

If you live in the Louisville area, we can arrange for either free pickup or $5 delivery.

Need an idea? Head over to my portfolio page!

Name *
Pet portrait, people portrait, landscape, wedding bouquet, calligraphy, etc.
Oil paint? Watercolor? Pen? Pencil?
These are some of the general sizes I work in: 8"x10", 11"x14", 12"x12", 12"x16", 18"x14", 16"x20", 18"x24", 24"36", 30"x40". If you're unsure what size would be best, put Small, Medium, or Large and I can work with you to figure out the best size for your piece!
This date may be subject to change depending on commission openings
Shipping charges will be added to the final deposit
Tell me about your painting! What do you want included or not included?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form! I appreciate you and your business! Please allow 2-3 business days to get back to you. I look forward to working with you!